Top Model Photographers

There are a lot more crappy model photographers than good model photographers. There are even less good photographers who can help your modeling career. A top photographer will have had his photos published in a photography book or magazine, or be regularly hired by national advertising agencies to provide photographs for ad campaigns for for businesses and products. This is called "client work."

Top Model Photographers Have Paying Clients

Top photographers may also have working relationships with big city modeling agencies. Modeling agencies may regularly send new models to the photographer so the model can obtain photos for their portfolios. Often the photographer does not charge these models or charges very little to cover what materials costs him. Top photographers don't need to charge young people because they make far more from their client work.

They mainly want to shoot new faces because they enjoy the art and sometimes find that "perfect model" the photographer may want to hire for client work later.

Top Model Photographers Located in Big Cities

Top photographers are almost always located in big cities like Los Angeles, New York or Miami. This means you need to get yourself to one of these cities if you want to hold a photo shoot with them. A top photographer is not some fast talking dude in your hometown "scouting for models." A hometown photographer will have no clients and therefore, not be able to hook you up with paying Model Jobs.

Top photographers shoot nationally-seen advertising campaigns. They wield power. Because these guys are the "shit," they will not pay for your travel cost. They have tons of aspiring models who want to pose for them, so they do not need to spend money on airfare to fly some guy from Austin or Tucson (or your hometown) in for a shoot.

Different Quality Standards For Top Photographers

A top photographer may be interested in you posing nude. Surprisingly, it is more acceptable to pose nude with a top photographer and you can often negotiate a shoot by being willing to pose nude. Before posing nude, it is crucial you choose the "right" photographer - who can both produce artistic photos and who has contacts in the industry that can help your career. It is good to be highly selective with whom you pose. We do not mean some amateur photographer in your hometown. Only a big city photographer will do. They have no time for porn or other bullshit.

Show your ass in a photo that a hometown photographer shoots and it will look gay. Show your ass in a photo created by a top photographer shoots will look top notch and cool. There is often a fine line between what will look embarrassing and what other guys your age will think is cool.

A model does not know what he looks like when he is in front of the camera, so he needs to start by choosing the "right" photographer, not simply choose a photographer who is free or located in his hometown.

If you choose a photographer who shoots crappy photos, you will likely end up with crappy, embarrassing photos.

Conversely, photographers who shoot as a hobby in your hometown often want to talk straight guys into feminine poses.  They often inadvertently portray a straight guy as less than masculine. These photographers show these photos to their gay friends "look what I got this straight guy to do."  The people they are trying to please are much different from the industry professionals that a top photographer wants to please.

Top photographers don't want embarrassing photos of you because their reputation is on the line. They will lose opportunities if they produce a bunch of photos of guys looking stupid or feminine.

How to Find a Big City Photographer

To find the name of a photographer who can help your career, simply open any fitness or muscle magazine and find a multi-page photo spread showing a workout routine. Locate the name of the photographer who created the spread. His name will be printed in small letters near the edge of a photo. That photographer is the kind of professional you want to pose with, not someone located a mile from you.

You need to get your snapshots to that photographer and see if he has any openings for a TFP shoot. If he says yes, immediately book a flight to take advantage of his offer for a TFP shoot. He will NOT pay for your airfare, so don't bother asking.

After You Locate a Top Photographer

Once you find a good photographer, do whatever he says! Don't make him have to talk you into poses. If you trust his artistic "eye" just do whatever he wants. If he wants you to do some photo idea that seems bizarre, it is may be a photo that will "make" your modeling career.

Shooting With a Top Photographers Can Help Your Career

New models often do not consider the advantages of networking with the right photographers. There is more involved than simply obtaining pretty photos. By holding an initial photo shoot with a big city or "top" photographer, he may help get your modeling career started.



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